Reno Ursal – End Of Campaign message

Dear San Joaquin residents:

You have spoken. Congratulations to Steve Bestolarides for his victory in the June 5th Primary. I am disappointed as anyone would be in my position. I knew from the outset the mountain I had to climb in facing an appointed Incumbent. I decided to run when no one else would, committing myself to work everyday to let voters know they had another choice. I am proud my candidacy gave the voters the power to decide their next Assessor for the first time in decades.

As the election results settle in, I am motivated more than ever to ensure San Joaquin County residents receive the service they deserve from the Assessor’s Office. I am a Supervisor Appraiser in the Alameda County Assessor’s Office; I know firsthand what an Assessor must do to serve the public. I will be watching closely to make sure your Assessor’s Office treats you fairly.

To Mr. Bestolarides, I implore that you listen to the 10,000+ voters who voted for me. Although only 20% of the vote, their voices shouldn’t be ignored. Their message is clear. They wanted a new voice. Someone to foster change they feel is needed. Their perspectives matter.

Having said that, I extend my support to Mr. Bestolarides and Karyn Johnson. All staff and the public should also give 100% support. Any hangover from the 2015 appointment to Assessor is now over. Mr. Bestolarides was voted in by the people of San Joaquin County on June 5th 2018. Like any public official, he is accountable and held responsible for the office. To this end, the entire County should support him and the staff.

So let’s turn the page together.

I will continue my work in San Joaquin County mentoring Mountain House, Tracy, Manteca and Stockton youth through basketball. I am excited for my debut young adult novel “Enlightenment” to be released. I also look forward to being with my Alameda County family during the upcoming Golden State Warriors championship parade (knock on wood)!

Professionally, I will continue leading office staff in Alameda County and rooting for the San Joaquin County Assessor’s Office, hoping that perhaps one day the stars will align for me to contribute professionally in the County I live.

Thank you San Joaquin voters and my endorsers and supporters! I will never regret the hot days door-knocking throughout the County or the campaign house parties. Meeting voters gave me more appreciation of the people in our County. Because of you, I will always remember this as a positive and fulfilling experience.

With respect, appreciation and gratitude,

Reno C. Ursal